Greetings from Underwater【英語で自己紹介】



Self-Introduction in English

Hello ladies and gentlemen.
Hello Mermaids and Mermen.
I’m Mari Diver
Today I would like to introduce myself in English.
I’m not a native English speaker,
so please forgive for my poor pronunciation
or Grammatical mistakes.
I am a Japanese mermaid and a freediver.
I have been mermaiding and freediving for over 10 years.
I practice with my fellow mermaids
at a mermaid school in Nagoya city, Japan.
Two or three times a month.

My teachers are Shellina and Chelsea.
They are very good expert mermaids.
I have been attending a mermaid school since August 2021.
I got sick a little this summer,
so I started going to the mermaid School.
For rehabilitation of my body.
It was after the surgery,
so I was very tired and hard at first time,
but it is getting better little by little.
Freediving is also very good for rehabilitation.
I suppose.

I received this comment yesterday.
This is walaka konbawa.
I’m sorry if the pronunciation is wrong, walaka-san.
I’m still not sure
if I can hold my breath for 2 minutes in the 5 meters deep pool.
But, there are some selfie videos I took the other day,
so I tried to summarize them uncut.
This is an experiment to see if the…
…if my iPhone12 works well
even at the bottom of a diving pool at a depth of 5 meters.
If you are interested in it,
please watch this video.
How about this, walaka-san?
I hope you like it.

The reason why I speak in English today is
that 40% of the subscribers to this Mari Diver channel
are from countries other than Japan.
That’s why I added English subtitles to about half of my videos.
That’s a little strange English because it’s an automatic translation.
But I think you can tell what I mean.
I’m not sure
why so many foreigners watch my videos.
I am Japanese, live in Japan and speak in Japanese,
but there are only 60% of Japanese viewers.
Probably because mermaid swimming is not well known in Japan yet.
But my dream is to spread mermaid swimming
to more people in Japan.

And to make mermaid and merman friends.
I also dream that the mermaid school I attend
will be the best mermaid school in Japan.
Unfortunately, it is winter season in Japan now.
That’s why few people search for the keywords
like “diving” and “mermaid swimming”
..something like that.
And the number of views hasn’t increased much in winter.
This is not only my channel,
but other diving and swimming channels as well.
So well, that’s OK.

I’m glad that many people from overseas see my videos.
I want to do my best so that more people can subscribe to my channel.
I’m sure a lot of people will visit
to Mari Diver channel next summer.
In my video, I’m doing various kinds of freediving experiments.
If you have a request to watch such a video,
please write it in the comment section.
I am also happy to hear your impressions and encouragements.
Please feel free to write it.
Japanese, English or other languages are fine.
Because I can use Google Translate.
Yeah!I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next video.
Good bye. See you soon.
Sayonara. (Good bye.)
Mata Aimashou. (See you soon.)



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